I design all my PCBs using DipTrace from Novarm.
I print 1:1 with my inkjet straight to overhead projector film, use UV coated board and etch in the usual way. DipTrace is an excellent package, allowing schematic capture and PCB layouts. Especially great value options for non-profit use.

I had some bits left over, so made myself a digital microscope: Digital Microscope.

"VideoFred's" homepage. Fred has been at the forefront of film transfer for a few years now and is currently achieving excellent results.

www.filmshooting.com Has a very lively forum on most film topics...

Jim McGarvey's Retro Telecine site. Very nice project...with style and class!

FILMFABRIEK now supply their excellent scanners with Cine2Digits lighting and capture system: www.filmfabriek.nl