Here's an example capture from a flea market film. I didn't clean the film first, as can be seen! The clip was encoded with the Quicktime H.264 CODEC for non-IE browsers and Microsoft MPEG-4 V3 for IE, your browser may need to download a suitable CODEC in order to play the clip.

A larger version can be downloaded from here or for a version encoded with Microsoft MPEG-4 V3 CODEC can be found here. (Right-click on link and Save As...)
This version is as captured from the camera + debayer + stabilised + cropped + blacks pulled down a bit + curves + downsampled to 960x720 + compressed to H.264/MPEG4.
The original file size after debayer is 7.63GB, so impractical to upload. The H264/MPEG4 files are about 40MB.

A frame grab from an SMPTE RP32 S8 test film with the Schneider Componon-S lens at f5.6 Note that the slight uneveness in illumination is actually the SMPTE frame. I moved the film frame half way down the gate to test this and the uneveness stayed with the film. (Click to view at full resolution)

A frame grab from S8 with the IMI camera: (Click to view at full resolution)